the sweet smell of stainless steel success (and some nice food)

December 4, 2009

Even if I babbled on for 2,000 words (which I promise I won’t), it would be impossible to sum up my delight at yesterday’s shopping trip to Paris. I’ve been there enough times that I no longer feel obligated to do anything remotely touristy, which is such a blessing when you have to focus on The Mission to Find the Perfect Flan Ring.

After visits to various esteemed cookware suppliers, and investigation of some of CLICK TO KEEP READING…>


pomme goes to Paris

December 3, 2009

I’m going to Paris tomorrow (well, today actually). The main reason for the trip is to buy a flat-sided, 20cm diameter, 4cm deep flan ring. Such a thing appears to be impossible to find in London or online in the UK – crazy. I need it for the lemon tart recipe in Michel Roux’s Pastry. Of course, since I’ll be there anyway, I might as well stock up on a few other goodies. With the help of a fantastic little book and one incredibly useful website of recommendations, the day should be full of blog fodder.

yoghurt success, and the perfect lunch on a rainy day

November 29, 2009

Ta-da! Homemade yoghurt. I had one for breakfast and it was exactly what I was hoping for: tangy, with a creamy top (not sure if you can make out the little bubbles around the edge of its surface in the picture below?), the tartness of the yoghurt perfectly offset by the sweetness of the apricot jam. I left this batch in the yaourtière for thirteen hours to account for the cold weather, and it seems to have worked a treat.

Whilst we’re on the subject of breakfast, I must share my discovery of a wonderful local pâtisserie and purveyor of the most heavenly, authentic-French-tasting croissants. I had often walked past its inviting windows and made a mental note to pop in sometime, but had – wrongly – never prioritised it as a destination. I won’t make that mistake again. Charming service, a peaceful ambience, and even a few tables if you want to sit and enjoy your goodies there and then with a cup of coffee. If you’re ever in the area, head to:

Des Lys Pâtisserie Boulangerie, 8 Bedford Hill, Balham, London SW12 9RG (020 8673 0804)

I maintained my French theme for the day with the most satisfying lunch: rotisserie chicken, sautéed potatoes, and green beans.

I am positively evangelical about rotisserie chicken. That ambrosial aroma that CLICK TO KEEP READING…>