festive flamingos

December 6, 2009

Forget Christmas biscuits in the shapes of snowflakes, angels or stars. Enough already with the reindeer, jingle bells and holly. Candy canes and pine trees? Totally over. This year the festive period is all about flamingo-shaped biscuits. Oh yes.

While I was in Paris I picked up the cutest free magazine, le Bonbon, and made the serendipitous discovery of a recipe for Ginger Disco Biscuits. (No, there are no ecstasy pills here; this is much more fun than that.) Surely these were heaven-sent as the perfect vehicle for some edible glitter? And what could be better for CLICK TO KEEP READING…>


the marble slab epiphany

November 4, 2009

Since reading Michel Roux’s Pastry, I had been hankering after a marble work surface. In the absence of my Dream Kitchen, in which such things would immediately become a reality, I tried fruitlessly to hunt down an affordable alternative. And then, quite by chance, I found just the thing while far from home in Edinburgh – thank you Lakeland. And what a bargain at under £20.

This evening the marble board had its first outing, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say it will change my life (well OK, maybe just a little…). I tried Punitions, the French butter cookies made famous by bakery Poilâne. The recipe CLICK TO KEEP READING…>