nuit blanche baking

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Ever had a sleepless night? Thousands of thoughts running through your head like fireflies that you can’t quite catch?

If so, I recommend doing some baking. Especially pastry. A cold, silent night is the perfect environment for this activity. Once it’s made you can leave it in the fridge, ready to be used the next day.

…What shall I do now?


One Response to nuit blanche baking

  1. Jon-ster says:

    So long as you leave it in the fridge and don’t chow down on midnight buttery goodness. It is generally recommended >not< to eat lots if wakeless, as the body has to wake up to digest!
    Did you ever get your hands on a marble slab? I need an authentic pastry-making comparison before I go buy my gravestone and use it for rolling out dough…how very romantic-novel…

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